Are You In Need Of A Miracle?

Miracles start inside you.

I was looking for miracles on a daily basis thirty years ago when I was a young wife and mother struggling with sick children and a challenging relationship.

My husband worked late and often I would fall asleep reading the bedtime story, only to wake at 9.00pm to a sink full of dirty dishes.

Finally I’d stagger to bed myself sometime after 10.00 and be up two or three times in the night, before rising again at 6.00am to start my day.

I battled chronic exhaustion, loneliness, resentment and my own impossibly high expectations of myself as a wife and mother.

I began searching for techniques and strategies to help me cope with life. Things to heal the pain within me, and do something to help ease the conflict in those around me.

I’ve come a long way since those days and learned a great deal. Dove

I’ve explored many paths in my development – from Inner Healing Prayer and the Power of Forgiveness, through Meditation, Energy and Body work, to discovering the Power of Intention and understanding that everything is Energy.

Big changes have happened as I’ve learned to take full responsibility for everything in my life, and come to understand the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws.

But the real miracles have been happening as I’ve applied the Power of Love in a focused fashion – for myself and others.

I’ve seen changes produced through the power of prayer and love and forgiveness even in the lives of those who didn’t know I was working on their behalf.

In more than 25 years practice as a healer, spiritual teacher, mentor and life coach I’ve seen these principles produce miracles not only in my own life, but in that of my clients, and my family.

And it’s time to share this information. We live in a time of crucial change in Earth’s history.

When enough people around the world begin to apply Love, Forgiveness and Prayer in a focused fashion, we will start to create the communities of peace and justice that we dream about.

It is possible and it is happening. This site is my contribution to World Peace.

You see the real miracles occur as you change your thoughts and emotions. Which is why everything I teach is about that inner transformation

As you learn to manage and clear your energy and emotions you will learn how to change what’s happening.
To get you started on that Transformational journey I’ve created 3 special guided meditations
As you learn how to focus your thoughts to become a channel for the miracle-working Power of Love you will create peace and joy within and around you.The changes will only look miraculous. You’ll know The Secret!